What is the concept of Roadrunner Kitchen?

We created Roadrunner Kitchen for those who are in a hurry.  For Breakfast, we have a hot grab and go with affordable breakfast wraps ready to go.  We also have a cold Grab and Go cooler stocked with wraps, sandwiches, salads, sides and beverages (see menu page “Grab and Go” for options in our cooler).  If purchasing from our Grab and Go, it will take about one minute to get in and out the door.

We have both Grab and Go’s – hot and cold – ready to go when we open at 8:30 am so you can grab breakfast and lunch!

For those not in a hurry, we have plenty of hot sandwiches made to order.  You can also order off the Grab and Go menu and dine in.  We have the seating capacity for approximately 28 people.

All customers order and pay at the counter.  If dining in, we will bring your food out to you.  Our ticket times are usually 5-10 minutes so you can still get served quickly from the made to order menu – even if placing a to-go order.

Please note, we do not utilize the Grab and Go concept on Saturdays.


Are you allergen friendly?

We can’t guarantee there won’t be cross-contamination with allergens (gluten, soy, peanuts, etc.).


Do you bake all of your desserts in house?